To Begin, A Hand-Lettered Creature

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Strange Beginnings - A hand-lettered creature

I don’t know about perfect, but practice makes better. Practice did make me a lot better a few years ago when the then then aptly named “Today’s Doodle” site helped me improve my drawing skills immensely with our regular drawing exercises based on word prompts.

Since then, there has been some rethinking, there have been many new things I’ve wanted to practice and grow at, and so is not reborn as it was always envisioned, as a single outlet for our creative urges.

Lettering has exploded in recent years. It is the new poetry, photography, writing, travelling, and your choice of cool new thing that everyone can do no matter how badly. Starting as a traditional print designer, typography is a very early love of mine and I often find much of hand lettering ranging between too safe and pretty to too noisy and unreadable. This is my attempt to bring in some of my own old school aesthetic sense into it, without all the black turtle-neck, Apple-fangirl religious fervour.

A strange beginning, but still mostly readable.

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