The Astrolabe babe

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This one stumped me for a long time. Finally something perfect came into my head and it’s now on paper. Accompanied by a short poem.

Turmoil, like the clingy tentacles of a snake,

Wound round her mind.

The deep blue ocean of her mind,

The waters of which, sought solace.

The ship of her life,

Torn by the disquiet that surrounded it.

In the depth of her hunted eyes,

Was the answer,

In the Astrolabe that swung calmly there,

To point the guiding stars in her life,

It marked the day and night of the mayhem in her head,

It gave direction to the wrecked ship of her heart,

So it could sail tranquilly to its salvation.

If only she would look

One thought on “The Astrolabe babe

  1. Bizarre. It would be nice to see what you come up with if you really pushed the mechanical machinery look you have started here. A whole image filled with intricate machinery, I’d love to see that.

    This is a strong idea.

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