Hair Trigger

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james bond by vishal k bharadwaj

I struggled with this one more than most illustrations I’ve done here, even abandoning a half-finished version. The iconography of James Bond is so strong and distinct that really any deviation from it is a misstep. Not that it can’t be done — and I should probably explore that idea — but it’s best to go in with a layout concept that fits the strong aesthetic. I did not have one of these going in, hence the struggle.

Even once this was done I erased a few superfluous elements from it on the computer. I’m not very happy with this one, but it will do for now.

3 thoughts on “Hair Trigger

  1. Girl’s face could have been better, everything else is perfect. Nice concept… so don’t worry, art is always above the craft.

  2. I love the fine detailing on the bow tie… and nobody looks at the credit girls faces… We all want to look at their tits… though the same problem with the damn hands. The gun looks like it is a flare gun or a magic wand out of which the girl is coming out of. He is bond. No mandrake. Now go and do hands for 1000 times. Or that is what my father would have told me. Bond makes me turn into a little boy.

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