Ark Intrigue

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A lion and a giraffe share a knowing grin while the other giraffe is sick over the railings of the Ark

When I thought of public transport romance, I was trying to not do the straight-forward thing when somehow Noah’s Ark struck me as public transport of a sort. Yes these are the important philosophical questions I ponder on a daily basis. Since the idea of random pairs of previously unpaired animals having to do that whole arranged marriage thing of ‘falling in love’ with their mate at a later date (no pun intended) seemed like a boring concept, I chose to insert a hint of cross species dalliance into the mix.

In my usual recent style of drawing this would have been a much more elaborate drawing, and perhaps more successful in some ways, but I do want to vary my style and laziness in this case meant I came up with a much stricter short hand that gives this a children’s book illustration sort of feel. Not a bad accident.

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