Animated Diwali Kandeel

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Diwali kandeel lantern swaying in the breeze

Starting to sketch and doodle for this site again after a long hiatus, I appropriately started with the oldest incomplete topic of Diwali from way back in October last year. It’s appropriate too because Diwali is all about new beginnings.

My plan had always been to attempt an animation for this topic and I guessed it would be the perfect way to ease in while also diving into the deep end. On the one hand the drawing seems simpler in these little animated experiments, because I keep it simple so as not to intimidate my very rudimentary animation skills, and on the other hand, animation is never simple.

A lone kandeel, a traditional hanging Diwali lantern, hangs as a symbol of the long past festival, telling of brighter times and of brighter times to come. As it sways and dances in the breeze, light, insight and beginnings are celebrated all over again. Who can ever have too much light in their lives?

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