An Evening at Ch’Kandra Ascent — Revisited

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an evening at ch'kandra ascent coloured

Getting back to Today’s Doodle in a mild way after my vacation by putting up this coloured version of a sketch I did last October. I also did a quick timelapse video of the colouring process, which you can see here.

Will be back to doodling proper soon.


5 thoughts on “An Evening at Ch’Kandra Ascent — Revisited

  1. Lovely! The colors and light really look like it’s evening.

    I have no patience for coloring with a computer, so I envy you. I’d also like to do a timelapse video, but don’t know how to get about it.

    • Thank you! I’m slowly getting over my computer colour phobia. There must be quicker ways to do it, but I trudge along in inkscape purely because I can easily tweak the colours as and when I want (and I usually do, throughout the colouring process). As for the timelapse, I did it the old-fashioned way, exporting the drawing to a numbered bitmap whenever I remembered. I put it together using Blender’s video sequencer after reading a tutorial. I believe there are screen-capture softwares that do all this hard work for you.

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