Wonder Wonder Wonder Womaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

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wonder woman versus giant robot gladiator by vishal k bharadwaj

This is not, despite what you’d think, my entry for Kaiju Monster or a clever way of combining two topics, but is my entry for Wonder Woman. What better way to pay tribute to a classic comic book character than by drawing a comic book page? Naturally this started out as a simple idea and quickly went to being an unfeasible one, but I am generally satisfied with the results. Foreshortening, as you may have seen in my previous post (Hands) is not my strong suit, but I think I did okay this time.

This took me longer ink than to draw (2.5 hours versus 1.5 hour of pencil drawing). I’m still slow as anything but I’m getting a little better in quality each time. I probably should colour this.


4 thoughts on “Wonder Wonder Wonder Womaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  1. Your foreshortening is actually quite successful IMO – I think you’re doing good!

    The curved flight path in that second panel is brilliant as is your lettering in the 4th panel. I really adore this one. Color! Color!

  2. I like the slightly abnormal interpretation of Wonder Woman in this one, the shaggy hair and the styling of the face is far from standard, but it’s still very much Wonder Woman.

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