Wonder Woman Reading

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Wonder Woman reading a book, sitting with her back against a stout Greco-Roman column

Wonder Woman is a joy to behold. Unless you’re a politically minded intellectual who believes she is a symbol of female oppression. We’re sorry for your disability, but for the rest of the world, Wonder Woman is one of those comic characters that has inspired and pushed comic artists to interpret and reinterpret her in many shades, which is surprising considering how close to the very specific look of the original character they always remain.

Being asked to draw this woman of many shades is a tricky prospect when your drawing skills with human anatomy, especially imagined anatomy, is weak. Wonder Woman art is, after all, defined by the physicality of it. She is a character most often found in the most athletic of poses and the most action-packed of scenes, all of which are still mind-boggling to me at most times.

Since the character of Wonder Woman, her wonderful personality, if I may, is in itself so varied and complex, it is actually not too difficult to imagine her doing much more than putting the smack-down on supernatural bad guys. So considering the cult popularity of pictures of women reading in recent times, and my own biases in favour of such things, I chose to draw Wonder Woman reading, and this is what I got.

4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Reading

  1. Wonder Woman’s intelligence is often forgotten when her boobs and her ass kicking are so much better to draw a male crowd in. I like that you chose to show her reading, an Amazon Princess needs to have a little down time every now and again.

    …I wonder what books are on WW’s bed stand.

    • Hmm … what books would be on Wonder Woman’s bed stand. An intriguing question.

      Makes me imagine the elaborately photographed spreads of her in Ideal Home Magazine or something similar, wearing ‘casual’ perfect clothing and lounging about the house next to sunlight bookshelves and such. Accompanied by an interview about favourite summer salad and such inanities. That would be surreal.

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