When Mars Girls Attack!

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Alien girl with a ray gun against the text - When Mars Girls Attack!

Within the realm of graphic design, typography has always been a fascination of mine. One attraction was always its well balanced need for functional engineering and aesthetics. So it’s natural that a fair number of my sketches here have included typography in some form: the make-believe text of an alien postage stamp, the unobtrusive titling on a sand globe, an unlikely tattoo design, a faux James Bond poster, and most recently, an Isaac Asimov quote.

Still, when faced with a proper topic of typography, I was a bit stumped. In true functional spirit, all my previous attempts at sketched typography have served a purpose beyond decoration, so I needed to decide on what I wanted to create before the type was decided on. A random thought of old 60s shlock science fiction came to mind, so I decided to create a poster for “When Mars Girls Attack!”.

I’ve left this off at the pencil stage because I think it would work well at some point with digital colours, and the interplay between typography and the figure, and what falls to the background and rises to the foreground, will be better decided in colour and without the limits of penned in lines. Plus, since this is about typography anyway, this unrefined sketch, construction lines and all, gives you a better idea of the kind of visual relationships and adjustments that go into designing type than the final result would have.

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