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mad scientist and lovely nurse assistant with eyepatch gazing upon their newest tentacled creation
And so it begins! Welcome to Today’s Doodle, and my first sketch on our first topic, Strange Beginnings. We’ll be posting five days a week, on a new topic every weekday, with a few surprises and extras on weekends.

This site was born quick and dirty, and so was this sketch. But that’s part of what we’re trying to do with Today’s Doodle; to get things done and move on, to learn, and to get better.

We hope you’ll stick around, follow us on twitter, add us to your RSS Reader, or link to and share any of our posts (with proper credit) on facebook, google+ or tumblr.

5 thoughts on “Vat-o-Matic

  1. The tentacle is the star of this picture.

    Also, this is actually a very cleverly obscured anti-smoking campaign.

    Beware Smokers! Alien tentacles will attack you, even if you’re a hot nurse with an eye patch.

    That’s how I read it anyway. Either that or it’s about childhood loss, and pathos, and stuff.

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