Tropical Scenery

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A 'sand' globe of a tropical beach scene abandoned in a rocky valley, near forests and a volcano

Landscapes are often the second phase of subject mater that children tackle as they explore their world through drawing. It starts out with rudimentary figures, people and animals, and it soon moves to mountains, trees, buildings and beaches, a world to put their characters in. Strangely, besides the exceptional difference in representational skill, landscape art by adults is no different; It’s still often a stand-offish view of the scene, set somewhere off in the distance.

In recent times, this distant view of landscapes has been changing, partly due to the rise of photography as a major influence in how we now see our world. The photographer Ansel Adams pioneered the use of minute lens apertures to be able to capture the entire range of distances from close-up foreground to distant landscape in equally sharp focus. That and similar ideas have changed landscapes and how we see them.

I hoped to bring in that range of foreground and background into this image, and I couldn’t help inject a landscape within a landscape to make it more interesting. The real and the representational, how similar and how different they often are.

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