TRON Disc Stories

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Woman holds up a data disc, looking through the centre as her hair blows to the side against a TRON landscape

I was quite a fan of the original TRON film, which I watched several times when I was younger, and I was even more pleased to find that the new TRON: Legacy not just stayed true to the spirit of the original, but explored new ground and took the concept further into science fictional musings.

There are dozens of iconic and symbolic designs and visuals that could represent TRON, but with the new film’s focus on the importance of data discs in the virtual universe of TRON on my mind, I decided that had to be my major element. It started with a hand holding a disc, and a character grew around it. Finally I decided that the disc was the one thing that didn’t need to be drawn in with any detail. I’m quite pleased with this one.

One thought on “TRON Disc Stories

  1. I, like you, love Tron and Tron: Legacy, so you know how much I love this. About the only improvement I would like to see is this being coloured and printed as a huge poster to hang on the wall.

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