Totally Tubular Raygun

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Retro raygun perspective rendering with attached construction sketch

I’ve just immensely dated my self by using the word tubular, but then the design of this raygun is also decidedly dated. I think every good raygun needs to hark back to a future that never came to be, as this one does. Also, I wanted to work on a drawing of a raygun with perspective and weight and some sense of space, and somehow super-organic cool tech with no geometric forms is no fun to render that way.

This is hardly the most strict perspective drawing, but it’s close enough, and I like it when imaginary objects are given this treatment, gives them the impression of being fully thought out. The other soft-spot I have for perspective drawings is their construction phase, when there are a million overlapping layers of lines in faked three-dimensional space. Seems a waste to loose all of that when you clean it up for the final rendering, so I’ve included the construction drawing (made in pencil and later tinged blue on the computer) below the final fountain pen rendering.

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