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A short verse, on why I decided to depict the tiger the way I did:


1411, they scream and shout,

Save tigers, save tigers,

Their slogans light fires,

In the air thick with indifference.

Once the striped majesty of the jungles,

Now stripped of life,

Lying on floors, with glassy eyes,

A symbol of wealth.

Will the tiger live on,

In its crowning glory,

A gorgeous animal, alive,

Or just a brass knocker,embroidery on a handkerfchief,

A freehand design, or the emblem of courage?

3 thoughts on “Tiger

  1. Nicely done. I like the abstract interpretation of the animal, and this ornate style reminds me very much of Baroque or Rococo period architectural ornamentation. A good twist away from the expected.

  2. Thanks Guys. This one two happened after a lot of thought. The inspiration was a brass buddha. Then I thought, why should I not make a tiger design which can become a door knocker design:)

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