Tiger Eyes

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A tiger's head in profile and a nude woman holding an orb and a staff swirl into a surreal pattern

When in doubt, make things up. Which is exactly what I’ve done here when faced with the topic of tiger.

I’ve been drawing without references thus far. I like the fluidity and fantasy of it, so I have wanted to continue drawing from my imagination for a while. This is a problem with tigers, because as much as I might admire their form, I can’t say I’m familiar enough with it to draw it from memory. Still, besides a quick glance over some thumbnails of your standard Google image search on the subject, I did stick to imagination for this one, starting with the tiger’s head and taking the sketch wherever it choose to go.

The tiger is far from accurate; I know that even if I don’t know how to correct it without carefully studying tigers, but I like the results anyway.

5 thoughts on “Tiger Eyes

    • Thanks Anjali. Often the least planned ones turn out the best. This one started with only the thought of “maybe a tiger’s head near the middle of the page to start with”. The rest was added in, one element at a time, till it seemed complete.

    • Or Durga on any beach, possibly. I don’t remember seeing many examples of heavily-clothed Gods and Goddesses in any architecture or art from our little sub-continent, prior to the late-18th and early-20th century. You know, when we invented ‘Indian Culture’ as we now know it. 🙂

      Thanks Leena. I didn’t actually make the Durga connection until you mentioned it.

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