The Wrong Turn

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Another for the Road Trip series, hopefully I’ll get this one finished in pencil like the others. I do a lot of my sketching  in a little moleskine notebook while I’m on the subway – this sketch is just a wee 3 inches (that’s 7.62 centimeters ya’ll) tall.


5 thoughts on “The Wrong Turn

  1. Reminds me of the field of giant mushroom-spore-launcher things in the animated G.I. Joe: The movie. You’ve managed to create a great sense of scale in something so minute.

    • I vaguely, vaguely remember the GIJoe movie, luckily I blocked most of it out. Totally don’t remember the giant mushroom spore things.

      I DO remember the giant mushroom/gas/spore things from Titan A.E. though – which is probably where this came from.

      Thanks for noticing my sense of scale – I’m really trying to get myself drawing spaces and not just pin ups. That sense of scale is KEY.

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