The Perils of New York City

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New York street scene with people going about their business while mysterious aircraft swarm above

As a movie buff, I know for a fact that New York city is always in peril. There are always giant gorillas lurking around the corner, and aliens waiting to disintegrate tall buildings and random bridges, just because they can. And yet, New York seems like a perfectly normal urban place in pictures, so I tried to draw a bit of that perfectly normal urban space, but with mysterious aircraft flying over.

4 thoughts on “The Perils of New York City

    • Not being the most familiar with English popular music beyond very limited listenings, I did not make that visual connection. Thanks for pointing it out. This did come out feeling a lot more Orwellian than I planned, but I like the vaguely oppressive mood.

  1. There’s something almost 1970s East European about this for me; a mood of science fiction-y metropolitan utopias mixed with foreboding. New York or not, I would love to read a short story set in this world.

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