The Man in Number 41

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indian woman in saree sees mysterious man in flat 41, by vishal bharadwaj, pulp novel cover homage

I’ve always admired the art of the pulp novel cover, and have longed to replicate such a style in my art. What better time than for the topic of Mysterious Stranger? In keeping with the pulp style, there is a woman on this cover, and being Indian — a country that churns out lurid pulp novels even today — I tried to meld a range of styles, from western pulp to Indian, and even a bit of anime.

I’m quite satisfied with this, and don’t mind the four hours it took (2 to draw, 2 to colour) to execute.


6 thoughts on “The Man in Number 41

  1. Ha! Nice. Not only does it catch that pulp vibe, it also has something of a Hitchcock sort of feeling to it. You very successfully caught the intrigue and mystery – I want to know: WHO IS THIS MAN and WHAT IS IN HIS BRIEFCASE?!

    Nice job on the way you framed the shot w/ the shadows. Good stuff!

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