The Magician’s assistants.

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The Magician’s assistant immediately bought forth the Rabbit. The hat. The flowers. The wand. The colourful scarves tied in knots and THEN the garishly dressed woman the magician puts into the box to cut up into pieces. I’ve always wondered what people find so fascinating about this illusion of a human being cut up in front of them. It’s disturbing to me. Anyway, for me, the magician’s assistant means all his props, so here they are, in this colourful gel pen sketch.

This was happening at 11.15 p.m in the night, and then, I was a little unhappy with how the gel pen shell of the above drawing looked (I coloured it this morning). So another thought formed in my mind, I saw my own version of the Magician’s assistant, not a gaudy woman, but a fairy like lady, sliding out of the magician’s hat, looking like the magician herself.

5 thoughts on “The Magician’s assistants.

  1. Interesting observations. For some reason, that blood from the saw almost dripping on to the slightly scared looking rabbit is bizarrely funny to me. 🙂

    It’s a very unusual style of cast-shadow you have in that first piece, all seemingly falling on a flat sheet. Gives the whole thing a strange surreal look. Works well.

    In the second drawing, the way you’ve rendered the hair in larger forms is also nice. You should tackle more full-size portraits to exploit that look further, with more place to play with.

  2. haha, i added those droplets of blood to add a fun factor to it. It was all played such. I kept the assistant colourless to create the drama, make her look like she belongs at the edge of the things. This is a new style I experimented with. I, like you, liked the result as well. I intend to use it another piece to see what else I can do with it.
    The second piece was done a dreamy trance. This was a real DOODLE, done while chattering away on the phone. I will try this out on some future topic. I love the line up. Imagination working overtime. 😀

  3. Two doodles for the price of one! I love both of them. The composition of the first one especially is very strong. It’s very easy in an illustration with a lot of elements for it to get busy and cluttered, but you’ve managed to make it all work together!

  4. I agree, the composition on the first piece is really quite nice – as is your rendering of the magic wand. I can really FEEL that it’s round. I like the collage aspect too, I could see this being a poster for a magicians show.

    Of course, who doesn’t like ladies popping out of giant hats? No one, that’s who. 🙂

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