The Dendrologist

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Woman holding a pair of binoculars and loooking up into a dense canopy of leaves

The word Green brought to mind trees, and more specifically a canopy of leaves with the sun shining through. It’s been too long since I was under the dazzling shade of one of those.

Drawing an entire canopy of leaves is challenging enough if you want to draw every leaf, which I did, but that wouldn’t make for an interesting image, so I stuck a girl with a pair of binoculars in there. Might as well squeeze some forced perspective practice from this as well, which I think I was only partially successful in pulling-off. Still, I like the results.

3 thoughts on “The Dendrologist

  1. I enjoy the fact that while none of the trees are utterly realistic, they each form a pleasing and unique pattern for the eyes and well-represent the spirit you were going for.

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