Strange Beginnings

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DivyaSuvarna, detective story

Wanted to do a comic style here it is…

Dialogues by Amit Suvarna

16 thoughts on “Strange Beginnings

  1. Fantastic! One of the main reasons we started this as a collaborative blog is so we’d really bring it and (After all, showing off is only good if somebody’s watching :P) to improve our skills, and you have certainly done so!

    • Yea…I want to make myself to try styles that I have never done before. Hence the comic. Never done a full detailed one before and also wanted to try my hand at Noir.

  2. Well done!
    Now I must try a comic at some point, although for now I’ll stick to single images. I’m last-minute enough about those already. 🙂

    The atmosphere is very well captured, so the Noir bit works well. And the panels have a good rhythm to them. Not that you should only do comics, but I’d definitely like to see more of these from you.

    • HA! I can’t stick to one thing as you know..I am all over the place..which I like..but yes I intend to do more least I intend to try..

      I am last minute too…I just used my time at work and did the inking…one day at work well used! 😀

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