Spotted in the Lost Forest

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Female faun and a little foraging creature near a flowering tree, behind the foliage of a lost forest

When handed a prompt like mythical beasts of the lost forest, you’re bound to fixate on either the mythical beasts you are supposed to invent, or the lost forest. It was a mythical beast that came first to my mind, some undefined faun creature, and really that was all there was to it.

I started on a blank sheet with no plan, drew the faun figure somewhere close to the middle, in probably not the best compositional position, and then I wondered what to do next. There had to be a lost forest or at least a hint of one, so I filled in the space around as best I could with a scene.

Unplanned drawing is a pretty good method to push yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t. It doesn’t always lead to the most sound compositions, but the mental exercise and practice are priceless. In this case, the result isn’t too bad either.

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