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Woman in a grass skirt trying to control a sky-patterned umbrella in a strong wind

Back in the old days of this site (a month or so ago), there was a sketch prompt called Blue. Blue is such an important element of the world we live in, and there’s so much that’s blue to choose from, but from those I settled on the sky. Then I decided that I wanted to give it a bit of a twist, so I came up with drawing the sky in a different way. Also, I just needed an excuse to draw an umbrella, which I do seem to like.

The basic idea and sketch for this were done in very rough pencil over a month ago, but I wasn’t too happy with it and knew I’d have to redraw it, changing the girl’s face quite a bit and also her costume. Finally got around to it now that I’m trying to catch up on old topics, and this breezy thing is what resulted.

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