Showdown at the Marunovi-5 Corral

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bubble-helmet sexy space girl with ray gun vs insectiod alien with big cannon

At last, an image that I’m actually satisfied with. This was not done in a hurry, or on a small piece of paper, which I why it ended up not sucking. My inks and anatomy certainly need a lot of work, and the alien dude is kinda crammed into one corner, but other than that I liked this enough to spend a couple of hours colouring it.

For the most part I kept the colours muted and sober, but then I thought, “Wait a minute! I’m drawing a sexy bubble-helmet space girl with a raygun! I don’t need to be subtle with this one!”

That brings us to the end of my first week on Today’s Doodle, with today’s post on the topic of Raygun. I’ll show up again tomorrow or the day after for weekend catch-up, since I missed a proper drawing for flower. We’ll all be back with new sketches and doodles Monday to Friday.

Bonus! You can download a wallpaper version of this sketch by clicking below:
space girl vs alien wallpaper version


6 thoughts on “Showdown at the Marunovi-5 Corral

  1. I like how there is the faintest of all hints with regards to the presence of nipples which soon turns into disappointment at the lack of it. Looking at the woman reminds me of being in a relationship with one. And there lies the brilliance of this piece.

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