Saving Face

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Self portrait sketch of Samir holding up a graphic moustache up to his face

Faces are my favourite thing to draw. I’m only guessing this because it’s what I end up drawing most often. Drawing my own face, however, has never been high on that list of preferred subjects. Perhaps because I have never been too good at creating recognisable faces (lack of practice mostly), and my own face would be the most dramatic demonstration of that lack.

So the entire purpose of this self portrait was to not screw it up completely. It works in some ways and as always, there is room for improvement, so perhaps I can claim to have succeeded. But really all I really wanted to do was draw myself with a moustache graphic held aloft.

14 thoughts on “Saving Face

    • Thanks Spyder. I think what I didn’t mention above is that within the face, eyes are probably my favourite thing to draw. Of course, this often means I get those right while sacrificing much else. 🙂 Glad you liked it.

    • *Shock*
      Miss Mallick decides to comment on a blog post! What do we do? what do we do?!

      Mostly, I plan to just twirl said stunning moustache in dramatic pride at this achievement.

      Also, you just wanted to say stunning moustache.

    • As always, Paul, your input is quite different from the rest. Gibran is one of those figures that almost everyone I know is a great fan of, and I seem to be the one least aware of him, beyond snippets of quotation.

      Coincidence indeed.

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