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woman in red dress and driver with red gloves in red open top convertible classic car by vishal k bharadwaj

Unlike most boys I knew, I did not draw a lot of cars growing up. You’d think that someone who loves automobile design as much as I do would have books filled with doodles of impossible racers zooming by, but then you’d think I’d have learned to drive by now too.

I’m breaking my own rules about posting things here without coloring them, but when the topic is Red one can’t exactly show up with a line drawing, right? We’re not all as clever as Samir is!

Nevertheless, I’ve tried not to slave over this image for two hours and only coloured in the essential bits. Or at least that’s what I’m telling you guys. If anyone asks, it’s a profound artistic statement about the minimalist, essential spectral photovoltaic ecumenical properties of life. For the Children. And World Peace. et cetera.

2 thoughts on “R3D

  1. You know how old I am? This image reminds me of the OutRun video game by SEGA from the 1980s and 90s. It almost seems like the sprite couple who populated the original red sports car in those games would have graduated to this by now.

    Great sense of movement without any of the usual tricks to show it.

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