Punk Philosophy Future

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Statue of a man in a toga and with punk hair in an imagined future city influneced by punk philosophy

This topic had me stumped for quite a while. For the most part I was about to give in to drawing a musician of some sort with a punk hairdo.

Then I thought of the weird juxtaposition of what a clichéd punk with a clichéd philosopher of old would look like, and it seemed like a funny statue to have in a public square of some sort. Obviously, then I had to make a world to put it in. So from the realms of punk styles, steam-punk optimism and cyberpunk futurism came this.

3 thoughts on “Punk Philosophy Future

  1. I am still stumped. Difficult to understand how to illustrate this. Coming and checking who had uploaded what was a good idea. I love this doodle. Beautiful imagery.

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