Posey Wonder Woman

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Here’s my Wonder Woman. You know, just posing. (You all drew her actually doing something! Well, I never!)

Although this has a lot of anatomy errors (the lower body is smaller than upper), I’m thinking of coloring this with markers later, but can’t decide whether I want to do grayscale or full color…

Edit: And now also in Marvelous Technicolor!

14 thoughts on “Posey Wonder Woman

  1. Maija, please draw more.
    Also, now that I’m here I’m calling dibbs on fan-boy marriage proposals to you. I was here first!

    What? I’m supposed to leave serious and grown-up comments too?! Oh all right.

    I can see the anatomical issues you mention if I look hard, but really the over-all impression is too overwhelmingly positive for the shortcomings to matter. I love that you’ve drawn such a friendly looking Wonder Woman. The whole thing has a great sense of weight and form to it.


  2. What, we’re supposed to leave grown-up comments?! No one told me about this. 😀 Dibbs noted.

    I was going for friendly, or you know, at least a likeable expression, as opposed to tough or just “vacant”.

  3. Yup, that’s awesome. So, so awesome! I agree w/ Samir, she’s a really friendly Wonder Woman, I totally believe she’s out to save us from the evils of… evildom.

    Your anatomy isn’t nearly as off as you think it is (the lower body actually looks proportionate to me, maybe the shoulders are a little off…. but BARELY). Have you SEEN how most people draw WW in the comics? Talk about disproportionate!

    Also, nice use of contrapposto [/artspeak].

    • I draw fairly small too, for now. All my drawings so far have been on A4 as well, which is why I was curious.

      That is an impressive level of fine detail for the size. Lovely.

    • Maija, there isn’t actually an option to do that yet, although I do plan to work on one so that we can have proper profile pages with our individual posts displayed.

      The profile pictures in comments are not set on the site, but are using internet-wide Gravatar system, so that any internet site that accesses it can show your profile picture when you comment. That requires an account setup here: http://en.gravatar.com/

  4. I use Copics. I usually do pretty cell-shade style coloring, but with this I used the blender marker a lot for a more painterly feel.

    (The pic looked good at my work computer, but at my home computer it looks pretty bad – the skin tone isn’t visible at all, it just looks white in between the shadows. I think my screen at home is set to too bright. How does it look for you? Do you see a skin tone?)

  5. Thanks! I’ve never read Wonder Woman, so I don’t know much about her character apart from the bits I’ve managed to gather from popular culture and the Internet.

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