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I was just being lazy these last few days and so I haven’t made a Kaiju monster.. but since I had a bit (too much) of free time at work – I just did this with paint.. quite similar to my Batman comic from a few weeks ago..

Edit :- Also for those of you who actually believed I was being lazy (I’m not saying that I’m not) I actually did scribble something to the theme of ‘Magician’s assistant’, I just suck at converting it into a computer graphic!! So I figured the half ass result that came out was not worth putting up. But now – just to prove my “un-laziness” (which might or might not be true) – I am putting it up!

Here’s the pencil sketch –


And after many GIMP tutorials which ended up in #Fail. I went back to Artrage, and came up with this. Which as you can see, I didn’t even finish (because I thought it was equally #Fail) and so did not upload earlier.

So there you have it..


10 thoughts on “Owwwwwwwwl!

  1. O_O
    That owl is just mad. I love it. Also, I now want to play an old school Atari game of that scene, as the owl swatting away pesky helicopters! You’re the man!

    The magician’s assistant sketch is good, the colouring is a good start. What you need to realise in all digital art is the ability for there to be layers of things, with the things on top affecting those below. For example, load your coloured version of that in GIMP, and then open the sketch as a new layer on top of it (There is a File > Open as Layers… option). Now go to the Layers dialogue box and change the sketch layer from Normal to Multiply mode. With things like that you can start to use the strong points of sketches with your colours and not make it an either or choice.

  2. Your magicians assistant sketch is great – I think you lost a lot by making the stage all dark – I really liked being able to see the audience there. It gave the piece a feeling of anxiety – knowing that all those people would be out there waiting past the curtain!

    • I actually meant to add the audience in, I just never finished colouring it because I got so annoyed with how rubbish the coloured version looked in comparison to the sketch.
      But spot on – I meant to capture ‘Anxiety’!

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