New york on Liberty’s head.

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Might look typical, but having never been to New York, I have always been very fascinated by the statue of liberty. So that is what I have tried to depict here, along with the Famous New York Skyline.

4 thoughts on “New york on Liberty’s head.

  1. I don’t think there’s anything typical about this. Well done.

    The buildings forming part of the statue works, but what really pushes this into being successful are the colours. I’m guessing these are more of those Fuji inks. They flow beautifully into one another and you use them well. The pink-orange glow down towards the horizon and out of sight, makes this image both beautiful and ominous. Could be a brilliant sunset colouring up the sky, or could be a city burning.

  2. Thanks Samir. You are right, These indeed are the Fuji inks. Brilliant stuff it is. The thought in my head was more like a burning sunset. But a burning city sounds more interesting, come to think of it. All the more reason for it to want to land on Liberty’s head:)

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