New York! New York!

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This topic instantly took me back to 2009, when I was trying to win a trip to New York on the radio with Dubai 92 courtesy of Barasti (Le Meridien Mina Sehayi) and churned out an entire series of comics. The competition was called the “Barasti Big Deal” (like a deck of cards). The rules were simple, 52 people (each assigned a card from a deck of cards) were selected over the course of a month via radio, twitter, facebook etc etc. They all went into a draw, and 30 lucky people were picked to fly to New York. Happy to say – I was one of them!!

These are the cartoons I submitted..

I offered to base jump off the highest building in Dubai with a Dubai 92 parachute into a barrel of Corona if they’d like..

I got really wordy…

Drew up as much as I could to get their attention…

All that hard work paid off because I got selected as the “4 of clubs” in the final 52 people. Off I went to get my US Visa sorted out…

I wanted to make sure nothing got in my way and I got on that plane, one way or another!

FINALLY I made it into the 30 finalists who jetted off to NYC.. So I made a list of things I’d like to see there.. My first night there we walked down Times Square, and had an authentic NYC Hog Dog… mmmmmm 🙂

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