Necromantic Thievery

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A female thief in a cat-suit holds a dagger behind her back, poised on a cat statue, looking on at a necromancer in action

I had little idea as to how to draw a necromancer and a thief and to make some sense of the scene, but I decided I’d just draw the two of them in a setting and let the story that’s told be open to interpretation.

It started as more of a visual idea, to have a thief poised on a statue of a cat, and the rest grew from there. With mysterious fantasy setting added, it makes for an intriguing enough image, I think.

2 thoughts on “Necromantic Thievery

  1. I like the thief poking himself in the butt:D *sniggers* Also, what I really loved about this is the delicate, clear flow of lines of the entire setup in the sketch. Very nice!

    • Thanks, Anjali.

      Although you might have made my lithe master woman thief very angry by calling her a him. She shall now sneak into your place and steal all the cake, just you wait!

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