My Tattoo, MY way.

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My Tattoo, If I ever get one would be the balance represented by Gemini. This is designed by me.
P.S. Duel personalities is not a sign of schizophrenia.

6 thoughts on “My Tattoo, MY way.

  1. I like this take on the Gemini symbol, it reminds me a little of the “fire dancer” symbol that Dave Matthews Band uses.

    What is the general opinion on tattoos in your part of the world, Anjali?

  2. Thanks Spyder.
    The general opinion here is mostly that Tattoos are considered a sign of being “cool” without really meaning anything to the person. They just get fancy stuff inked on to their bodies with the sole purpose of showing off, more often than not regretting their decision later. Very few people understand or think about the design or the symbol before they get a tattoo. The art, in itself is picking up though.

  3. hehe, vishal, this one is far from perfect in the strong area. There are some glaringly obvious mistakes. But if you want to try, I do this so fast because I have done a lot of hand exercise with hold paint brushes and pens without touching my wrist on any surface to create smooth flowy lines.

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