My Monster, the Octagon Snake.

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YAY! I am the first one to come up with my Kaiju Monster doodle. After a two day break, of which 24 hours were spent in wondering what my “Kaiju” monster should look like, I had a nightmare that involved snakes. I had my answer. Snakes it would be. I’ll be very honest, this sketch is not completely original, I took a little help from google. This is the first time I attempted anything of this sort, and it was a wonderful exercise. I loved the detailing and intricacy that can go into making an ugly, yucksome monster. I love how hassle free gel pen sketches can be, so that’s what I have used,sticking to a minimalist colour pencil shading to add some shadows. It looks a lot like Rangoli. I like these octagonal jeera biscuits, so here those have been incorporated into this sketch, something I love with something I detest so that I would not die of jeeper creepers while sketching it.

I present to you, Ladies and gentlemen, THE OCTAGON SNAKE. (stupid name, but what the hell)

8 thoughts on “My Monster, the Octagon Snake.

  1. Now this is badass! I think the term ‘restraint’ is one that should not be used anywhere near giant Kaiju monsters, and love all the individual elements of this, from the snake+hydra+scorpion anatomy to the giant drill claws.

    I also love that you used ordinary mundane things like jeera biscuits as inspiration!

  2. @Vishal
    hahaha! I know right! I would make a live monster if I could. I think I’m actually over my phobia of snakes after dealing with them on such an intimate level in this sketch:D JEERA BISCUITS #ftw
    I want to know what inspired you to draw that owl:D

  3. I was going to say \Yeay/ for figuring out it was an owl – then realised – waitaminute I said so in the title!
    Why an owl? Well I thought the drawing would be a Hoot!(rotflmao)
    On second, third and Nth glance your drawing even looks a little 3D – mad cool!! *thumbs up*

  4. 😀 thanks Candy! I feel like a success already. I shall sketch some more of these baddies! And your owl is very pretty, so many beautiful frills and the angry expression with the rolling eyes just takes the cake for me:D

  5. Now this is what I call getting into the spirit of things!

    Well done. Truly an insane and completely committed piece of monster art. You may add a chocolate brownie to that running tally of yours.

  6. @Samir
    *beams widely* thank you. I’m beginning to think that I should stick to monster art for a while.
    That! coming from you is a HUGE compliment. Thank you:)

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