My left hand in pencil

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Pencil sketch of my left hand

Sometimes, it’s nice to interpret a topic or a prompt creatively, almost sidestepping what it suggests, but that can become as much of an escape as a creative trick, especially when you ask me to draw hands. Actually, that might be true of anyone asked to draw hands, because while they are what we use to draw, hands are tough! They have all these loose bits constantly bending and curving and overlapping, and it can be a nightmare to get it all right and anatomically correct. Mickey Mouse wears gloves for exactly that reason, because if drawing hands is tough, animating them is even tougher.

So for this one, I choose to do the simplest and possibly most challenging thing and draw my hand in all its rough pencil glory. It’s sometimes nice to see all the construction lines and missteps taken along the way, they add to the three-dimensional look of the whole thing, and they give drawings of human anatomy life in some ways. So there you have it, my left hand in pencil.

8 thoughts on “My left hand in pencil

  1. @Phyrodite: Ever the poet. 🙂 Thank you. Also, now I shall be very tempted to walk into rooms while holding my hand aloft and shouting “MIIIGHTY HAANND!”

    @Vishal and Maija: Thank you both. So, plenty more scraggly-line shadows in pencil it is then!

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