My HANDS, Doing what they love doing the most

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Love, I wondered what you are,

Love, I wondered who you are.

Love, I wondered what you look like.

Are you the bond between the mother and her child,

or the kiss of the wet dew and the morning sun?

Are you like the blossoms on a periwinkle shrub, perennial, ever green, always there?

Do you look like the soft smiles of private conversations, or that look of peace on the old man’s face,sitting alone?

I wondered and kept wondering,

Till one day, my fingers entwined with his.

And then I realized,

You are feeling.

You are him.

You look like him.

You are in our fingers entwined, theirs is no escaping you, there is no caging you.



9 thoughts on “My HANDS, Doing what they love doing the most

  1. A good way to start, Anjali. Welcome.
    Really like how line-weight and shading blend into one another and can’t be told apart. An interesting style.

  2. @Samir
    Thank you, it’s all thanks to you I am here. Sketching is the most amazing outlet there is and it also gave me a chance to write a short poem! Keep giving these amazing inputs, always. I loved the 3d of your hand, someday I would want to try something of that sort as well!
    Thank you:) I cheated a bit here. I got my brother to photograph my hands in that pose and then sketched, would have been very difficult to come with such an accurate depiction otherwise.
    Thank you! I liked you “bang bang” sketch as well. I was debating between showing the “slap” pose and this, then I thought I’ll show some love this time round:D

  3. Definitely a fine pair of hands, and well shaped and rendered fingernails (which are sometimes cursedly hard to draw!). Also, nice paper. : )

    Welcome to the group!

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