Monster Love Story

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Horned shaggy monster boy in neat clotes calls with flowers at the door of his beloved

At first the prompt My boyfriend is a monster sounded like one of those talk-show/reality television specials to me, but then I thought a more straightforward approach was in order.

Considering ‘What does she see in him?’ (or him in her) is an oft repeated question in the world, I don’t think this image is all that different from cases where one of the parties does not have horns. Whether the one staring at the horns is holding back tears of joy or a blood curdling scream is something we on the outside will never know.

3 thoughts on “Monster Love Story

  1. haha! this is cute. Plus, I did take the TV reality show angle of the subject. Beauty and the beast and Shrek were my first thoughts, but then I thought those would look a little funny. 😀

  2. I love so much of this drawing, but it is that very creepy and strange dog walking down the street that always arrests my gaze. WHAT DO YOU WANT CREEPY SKULL DOG?

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