The Masked Rider of District Chhindwara

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Masked man on a scooter, wearing nehru cap and shorts, with a bullock-cart down the road

Tackling a topics like mysterious stranger always causes me extra grief, because the possibilities are endless and interesting, and I rarely have a shortage of ideas. After working on a much more complicated idea, which will need to be completed and put up here later, this quick sketch was turned out as a make-up piece.

No one says mystery needs to be without its touch of humour, and that’s what I tried to bring into this. But only a touch.

[As always, fountain pen on photocopy paper.]

4 thoughts on “The Masked Rider of District Chhindwara

  1. It’s funny how the more freedom we’re given the harder it is to come up with an idea. In those instances I sometimes try to give myself some kind of limitation so I can keep myself from going nuts – doesn’t always work though!

    I like how simply you work in your backgrounds, just a few delicate lines – the curves of the road and the horizon are really perfect for leading your eye around the page.

    • Thank you. Sometimes the shorthand executed casually works better than the most laboriously drawn bits.

      You’re right about limitations, they do help you focus, but keeping myself from going nuts is a lost cause anyway. 🙂

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