Mad Men Mysterious

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Don Draper-like figure standing across an abstract street from a woman

Faced with the prospect of depicting something from the gorgeous TV show that is Mad Men, I was quite clueless about what to tackle. Thus far, nearly all of my sketches have been pulled straight out of my head, no references or realism. It’s been a specific effort on my part to practice the putting down of imagined things rather than practice my drafting skills from a source (which too I will do in time). So I wasn’t looking forward to try to depict a well known character from the show.

Eventually, I simply went with the flow, starting with a figure and building from there. No references were used but there seems to have been a heavy influence from the graphic style of the Mad Men title sequence. This isn’t perfect, and the perspectives are far from correct, but I like this as a graphic composition, and for now, that’s good enough for me.

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