Lighthouse Diwali

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So, yesterday being diwali, I was busy with a sneezefest and general sickness and puja preparations, but this little flame fairy with her fairy light wings was in my mind all day. So here it is:

And here is my juvenile crayon scribble of the lighthouse:D I got the perspective of the ship pathetically to say the least!

2 thoughts on “Lighthouse Diwali

  1. I like that you even attempted to make that visual pun of the fairly-light wings, and they do actually look like fairy-lights.

    The second image is nice and moody and sketchy. As I mentioned to you before, the perspective will get there in time. The ship is a good start.

  2. Thank you Samir. :)I was very good at perspectives, but those were normally interiors related. The ship was a new kind. Glad it doesn’t look like a disaster!

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