Kite Flying Champion

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Boy laden with a rich bounty of downed kites during the Indian kite-flying season

We’re a fairly competitive and combative bunch of animals, so there’s really no shortage of fights, contests and thinly-veiled carnage-replacements to draw on, when faced with the topic War Hero. As always, I wanted to give it a bit of a twist, but also wanted to really draw a hero and champion of some sort of war. Kite flying in India came to mind.

Kite flying is not only a popular traditional pastime among kids in India, but it extends to adults and is often played as a competitive sport, which becomes a public activity on certain festive days. It really is all out war, and the rules are simple. The string holding the kite is made abrasive and sharp, and the aim of the contest is see who can dogfight and cut down their opponent’s kite first.

It is customary for the winner to keep the downed kite as a trophy. So in that spirit of winner takes all, I drew a kite-flying war hero.

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