Joker (the super villain)

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Now this dude is someone who’s performance I’ve never watched having never watched any of the Batman movies, but to me he is the supervillain simple for the menace in his entire stance. What I have tried to do here is transform charlie chaplin into the joker. I don’t know how successful I’ve been. Also, here are some lines I wrote about the same:

The Kid, Chaplin,

He walked like a duck,

Swinging his black cane,

Twitching his tiny mustache,

The sardonic eyes forever glittering with humour,

Mute he always was, yet so much he spoke,

A real joker for the world.

The ominous eyes,

Hidden in folds of black skin,

The mouth a mere gash of red,

Like the blood of enemies throats he’d slit.

 “Why so serious?” he’d chant,

With a grimace of a smile.

The transformation so gradual,

The joker was a joker no more.


3 thoughts on “Joker (the super villain)

  1. Anjali, I think the Chaplin-Joker amalgam works quite successfully. On a first glance the Chaplin stance is unmistakable, and yet with just the face, the Joker menace also comes through. So good work. The sketchy lines really add to the gritty fee of this one.

  2. An interesting juxtaposition, the Joker and Chaplin, and both characters have been put together well! A Joker-Chaplain would be a formidable supervillain indeed!

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