Home they brought her warrior dead

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Hunting party,I wanted to draw some african tribesmen with their colourful faces, then gel pen won, with a bit of Fuji water paints, and this is the result.

7 thoughts on “Home they brought her warrior dead

    • I knew I had read that title before somewhere!
      Will go look up the poem now!

      Anjali, I love this picture- I tried to do my ‘lighthouse’ in water colour and failed miserably.

  1. @samir You’re treasure of knowledge! those are beautiful pictures. I intend to try my hand at these more. Getting this one right took a lot of time, especially directly with a gel pen, every line could have gone wrong. Great deal opf concentration. What you’ve shared is even more intricate and hence shall definitely be given a shot! My picture was inspired by a photograph by some jimmy guy. He had clicked tribesmen in silhouette. 🙂
    @Candy Thank you:) water paints are generally difficult to deal with. maybe you can try the combo technique i used for this one:)

  2. Very cool! I love the watercolor treatment, and the slick, stylized figures. This is gorgeous.

    Oh man, I had forgotten about The Adventures of Prince Achmed – thank you Samir, for posting that, I think it would have driven me crazy trying to think of what this reminded me of…

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