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robots vs centaurs by vishal k bharadwaj

When you get a topic called Robots vs. Centaurs, you really don’t go for very abstract or indirect interpretations of the topic (though any are welcome nonetheless). But I’ve tried to be as off-kilter as possible with this, though much of the humour & surreality of this already strange topic happened as an accident (I couldn’t draw a gun in that robot’s hand to save my life. Nor his.), and was included as things went along.

As improvisations go, I’m quite happy with this, both in concept and execution. My horse anatomy is intentionally vague, and anyone who’s seen more than two robot drawing from me know I only know how to draw them one way.

The centaur-woman is nude because the robot is also nude. Equal Opportunity, etc.


One thought on “Heartbreaker

  1. The bouquet of light-bulbs is a classic touch. As is the horse head on the centaurs shield. It’s always interesting to wonder what mental or philosophical relationship centaurs would share with horses.

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