Griefer Madness

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woman and man seated on couch, man playing video game, by vishal k bharadwaj

I was going to draw something sufficiently pulp monster-y, possibly a lurid wolf man with bolts in his neck and everything, but then I thought, what could be better than real life?


8 thoughts on “Griefer Madness

  1. LOL! I love this topic, what crazy stuff you and Samir have come up with. There are innumerable occasions when as a girl I want to clobber not just my bf but also the other guys who don’t understand how humiliating it is to sit next to a guy who loves his iphone or xbox more than his girl’s company!:D

    • Thank you! As someone who has found himself sucked into videogames, quite often ignoring everything and everyone around me (only to feel guilty later), I can understand your posi—OOH, I’M CLOSE TO A HIGH SCORE WOOOOOO!!!!

      …Sorry. Where was I?

  2. 😀 Brilliant! I once saw a girl kick the asses of six guys in a mortal kombat game. They were all like wtf! Girls game too, and when they do, it’s awesome playing with them.

    • I love Gamer girls. So hard to find, but so awesome when you find one. I wonder if Indian Matrimonial sites will start doing listings for video game nerds?!

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