God of Moral Outrage

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Archetypal man with white flowing beard in the clouds aiming a spear with a disgruntled smiley placard

It’s been a while since my last doodle but I hope to catch up soon. For now, here’s my 21st century deity.

If the archetypal God of the Christian era is the man in the clouds with flowing white beard, and some the Gods of Greece and Rome pierced the hearts of humanity with love, lust, jealousy and the various emotions, surely the God of the 21st century would be the man in the clouds ever ready to sow moral outrage among the always suspecting populace.

3 thoughts on “God of Moral Outrage

  1. I had not seen the picture and just read the title and knew it would be you. And then I saw the picture and it was confirmed, that can only be you.
    That’s one hot-bod-god. (Yes, I just wanted to say that.)

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