Give me your soul

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Thanks guys, for teaching me a new English word. Necromancer. A very interesting topic.

Scene 1: Necromancer flies through the sky, on a full moon night, close to death, for he has found no loitering soul to feed on.

Scene 2: Graveyard. Grey blue mist. A lone woman.

Scene 3: Necromancer turns thief, as he steals her soul.


4 thoughts on “Give me your soul

  1. I enjoy both how you interpreted the topic (Hurrah for me not using an Oxford Comma!), and the stark graphic nature of the drawing itself.

    And complementing the graphic silhouettes, I love the atmosphere and mood added in by the ink washes.

  2. Oh a lot of research went into understanding what on earth a necromancer is. The graveyard scene was the most obvious and since I didn’t want to get into too much ghastly detailing of the necromancer, i chose the easy way out with a silhouette 😀

  3. 🙂 thank you. When I googled, the thief was a part of some game series in which he steals stuff from the necromancer. But I loved the necromancer more, so I made a two in one stealing a human soul.

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