Dr. Who – Tardis Tantrums

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Dr. Who, the Tardis, ray guns, daleks, monster plants, laser beams and a woman, in an off-kilter collage

I watched quite a bit of the original series of Dr. Who on the local TV channel as a kid. It was fascinatingly bizarre, but I remember little else about it besides the visual staples like the Daleks and the Tardis. I’ve tried watching the new series and have never quite gotten it.

My Doctor Who sketch is a visual version of the madness of it all, trying in incorporate recognizable elements and the general mood of the show. I’m quite happy with this piece; Increasingly these doodles are becoming worthy of further work and eventual development into proper illustrations. But that’s not what this is about for now, so this is how it stands.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Who – Tardis Tantrums

    • Not quite being up to date on my anatomical euphemisms for 3-year-olds 😛 … I can’t be completely sure, but I’ll hazard a guess and say that it’s just your dirty mind. I’m by no means against nudity, and I’m sure I’ll get to it in my sketches here in time, but you do realise the woman is wearing a tank-top, and a belt, and shoes, and pants?

    • Not a conscious decision, but I guess the general all-ways-up nature of this, and the Tardis pattern in the background takes it firmly into Escher territory. I’m quite a fan of his work, so it is a very generous comparison. Thanks Spyder.

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