Doppleganger Sightings

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A woman walks past her double on a city street, looking back in shock

The idea of a double has intrigued us for all our history. Identical twins get to experience some of that bizarreness, but still, it is not quite the same. Hence the murmurs in every culture of spirit doubles, and evil doubles and the spotting of a double to be a portent of some kind.

In more down-to-earth ways, I’ve heard vaguely of how genetics means we all do have our doubles out there somewhere. Not copies of us, but considering recognisable physical traits are limited and our population is ever increasing, sheer probability surely churns out someone with a very similar physical appearance on occasion.

So, whether in the spirit realm or the physical world, do keep your eyes peeled. You never quite know when you’ll walk past a familiar stranger on the street.

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