Dark Alleys

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This was a good one, who doesn’t love mysterious strangers? In one of the art classes I’m taking now we are learning the process of grisaille, or underpainting in gray. It’s supposed to help you understand color better (by understanding the gradients first), and it’s working well so far.

Also, it gives it that film noir feeling.

Also, also: BOOBS!


4 thoughts on “Dark Alleys

  1. I love the stark drama of this.

    And also the fact that we now have a chance to rank well in the search engines for such lucrative terms as grisaille boobs.

  2. Aha! I think you specifically mentioned boobs to throw our attention off the meat-and-two-veg scrawled near the bottom of the wall. I see you hidden agenda, missy!

    Futhermore! Good job. The stance of the figure I especially like.

    And! Boobs, of course.

    In Conclusion! I love grey tone work and now I know the fancy word for it!

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